You've seen the classic crappy training video. Bad scripting, zero acting, melodramatic narration, music that sounds like a 70's porn flick, and of course the worst hair in the world. There's nothing quite like the giggling that can erupt in a room full of college students that have been told to watch a training video production that sounds like Ladyhawke and looks like a bad crime scene recreation.

Fortunately, that was yesteryear, and in the twen-teens, we have professional training video production companies that can create videos that, while they might never win a Pulitzer, can at least avoid the Razzberries. If they couldn't, the genre of training video would have gone the way of New Coke and Who's the Boss? decades ago.

Training videos have shown extraordinary resilience over the years, and for good reason: they do their job well. If you cherished this article so you would like to be given more info concerning hotsexyporn kindly visit the web-site. Modern training videos allow the viewers to assimilate vast quantities of information easily and retain it well. That in turn means reduced re-training costs, a more unified and efficient workforce, and a message that stays consistent until you decide you need a new training video.

Here are the major secrets to making the most of your training video production budget:


Yes, that's right. Keep it simple. Don't write a training video script by starting with your massive manual. Write it by creating some real-life situations in which the principles your training manual mentions actually apply. People remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they hear, so take advantage of the visual.

Spend Early

The most important part of training video production happens before a cameraman touches a camera -- it's all in the scriptwriting. A well-made script will drive the quality of the entire production, so make sure it's done right. No jargon, no stilted scenes, no monologues: keep it simple, straightforward, and clean.

Find a Production House with Business Experience

Unless you belong to a major corporation with it's own in-house video production staff, you'll need a training video production house to work with you. Don't go with one that focuses largely on artistic endeavors; you'll fall victim to their dreams of becoming the next Spielberg. Get a production house with business clients that does business videos, and you can skip the drama and get to the point.

Focus on Retention

The number one thing that separates a training video from any other kind of video production is that a training video needs the highest possible retention rate. To that end, you want frequent cuts, even if it's just between two different angles on the same subject -- it keeps people visually interested.

You want lots of titles, hotsexyporn even if they're just reiterating what was just said (or pre-iterating what's about to be said) -- titles increase retention dramatically because they create specific focus on 'the point'. However you do it, creating retention is (and should be) about 90% of the work of a successful training video company.

Don't skimp on your training videos -- if you get them done right, you can reap the benefits for years to come.

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