What are some of the equipment used by pediatric nurses?

Pediatric nurses who many types of equipment, including Online Baby Video Monitor nose suckers. They also use a baby bath, and a heart rate monitor to monitor the baby.

share: How can you extend the range of baby monitors?

First, consider an upgrade. Older monitors used 54mhz 5 watt transmitters that had limited range. Newer monitors use the 800-900 mhz band, which have better range, but can run into interference from cordless phones and other wireless devices. The simplest way to improve the range of radio frequency (RF) devices is to focus and aim the signal. Search youtube for 'cheap wifi signal booster' and you'll see dozens of tips for creating parabolic and half-cylinder... Read More

share: What happens if you use a 9.5 volt adapter on 9 volt connection to baby monitor?

nothing its ok to use it theres is a tolerance of at least 10% meke sure positive and negative match

share: What is the use of a computer monitor?

function of monitor

share: Can you use a gateway monitor witha Dell computer?

Sure a monitor is a monitor

share: Can you get a monitor without an edge so you can put monitor next to monitor?

Use a needler

share: Can you use a regular monitor and a touchscreen monitor simultaneously?

If your computer supports dual monitor, yes you can.

share: Can you use laptop as a second monitor for your PC if so what cable would you use?

no you can not do this. you can only use an external monitor on the laptop.

share: What does the Linux bandwidth monitor do?

The use of the Linux bandwidth monitor is the way to properly monitor network traffic with reports. They use these to know the bandwidth unique usage.

share: Purpose of a monitor?

to use your computer you need a monitor to see what your doing.

share: How do they monitor climate change?

They use Elephant seals to monitor the climate

share: How do you use the laser on Halo 3 forge sparky?

If you mean the monitor on halo 3 forge then no, you cannot make the monitor use a laser. Only the monitor from the campaign (343 guilty spark) can use its laser, which it will do when prevoked.

share: Can you use a monitor to watch movies from DVD player?

yes you can absolutely use a monitor to watch movies from a DVD player.

share: Briefly the methods you will use to monitor marketing effectiveness and performances?

briefly, the methods you will use to monitor marketing effectiveness and performance

share: Can a PS3 use a monitor or tv?

If the monitor has the correct hookups, it can be used as a screen.

share: Can you use a computer monitor for a tv monitor?

Yes if you have a cable box and no if you don't.

share: What is the purpose of a monitor?

To check the input & view the result of the input we use monitor

share: What is the use of a monitor in the computer?

monitor is the medium which help for directly communicate with the user and the computer .By the monitor no more efforts are too be needed.

share: What Monitor can you use for Mac mini?

You can use any monitor for the mac mini as long as it has either a Thunderbolt, HDMI or DVI port.

share: What do geologists use to monitor the upward movement along a fault?

Geologists use a tiltmeter to monitor the upward movement along a fault.

share: What is the use of a Microsoft network monitor?

A Microsoft network monitor is used to monitor and track anything going on within the network. It can track the speeds of the internet, websites being used and any use not condoned.

share: How do you use the word monitor in a sentence?

You must be Monitored all times. Who will monitor deadpool?

share: How do you install a 3 monitor setup on a desktop computer?

Use monitor/VGA splitter.

share: Can you use the ac power cord for your monitor and use it on your ps3. the monitor ac cord states 250v and the ps3 is 240v so can you use the cord for the ps3?

The PS3 is to be connected to a television or TV Monitor and not a computer monitor. In whatever country the PS3 was designed for the TV should also be for that same power supply

share: How do you use a monitor?


share: Can you use water to clean your monitor?

NO. use a cloth

share: What frequency band do mobile phones use in the UK?

Two UK mobile phone networks (T-Mobile and Orange) use a standard known as GSM1800. This uses a frequency of about 1800MHz. Two UK mobile phone networks (O2 and Vodafone) use a standard known as GSM900. This uses a frequency of about 900MHz.

share: What are three tools oceanographers use to monitor changes?

Some tools oceanographers use to monitor changes in the ocean are thermometers, radar, and sonar.

share: How many watts does a 15 monitor use?

A typical monitor for a pc uses about 30 watts.

share: What IRQ does a monitor use?

None. Its the graphics card that uses an IRQ. The monitor is just a peripheral.

share: Can you use a PC monitor with a GameCube or do you need a TV?

A monitor can not be used due to the video output of the GameCube.

share: Can you use a tv PC monitor a tv which has a monitor built in with ezcap easycap dazzle?

No I don't think you can.

share: Do screensavers really save your monitor?

If the same image is displayed on a monitor over an extended time, the monitor will start to "burn in" that image. A screen saver causes images to move across the monitor when the monitor is not otherwise in use, thereby preventing the burn in problem.

share: What can you do with the spare CRt monitor after replacing with wide screen LCD monitor for PC Any specific use?

You can get products that can turn any monitor into a TV with various inputs.

share: Has anyone used the Clearblue Fertility Monitor in order to try for a baby and if so did it work?

I have used both the Clearblue Fertility Monitor and the Ovacue Fertility Monitor. They are both good monitors and they both will tell you when you are going to ovulate. I preferred the Ovacue Fertility Monitor because it actually confirms ovulation when you use the vaginal sensor. I was glad that I used the Ovacue or I would have probably never gotten pregnant because I was actually miscalculating my ovulation date. The Ovacue set me... Read More

share: Can you use a Acer monitor with a Dell Computer?

You can use almost any monitor with almost any computer. As long as they both have a DVI or VGA in and out, respectively, then it should work.

share: Can you use a flat screen monitor on an HP Desktop?

Yes you can use a flat screen monitor with any kind of desk top. You just simply hook up any flat screen monitor to you HP desktop and it should work fine.

share: What is the best resolution to use for a LCD monitor?

The native resolution, which is the actual (and fixed) number of pixels built into the monitor.

share: What computer parts or functions are described by Hz?

monitor Refreash rate of the monitor or of memory use CPS which is Hz.

share: Can you use a full size monitor with a laptop?

Yes, It is possible. I have tried it before and it works. Used a KDS monitor.

share: How do I hook up my broken laptop monitor to another computer's monitor?

You can use a VGA cable to hook it up.

share: Do you need an apple monitor for an apple PC?

No. As long as the monitor has a compatible port that hooks into the Mac, the Mac will use it.

share: Does Microsoft use supercomputer and for what use it?

yes, they use it to monitor your behavior while you sleep

share: How does herpes effect pregnancy?

The problems are related to the birth. The doctor will check for lesions or other signs of a herpes out break and if there are legions present, the safest procedure is typically to have a C-section delivery to prevent the baby from physically coming into contact with the herpes virus. If a woman with herpes does not have lesions in time for labor there is generally no reason that she can not have a vaginal... Read More

share: Is there a software program that will monitor internet use?

Yes there are tons of Internet usage monitor apps out there that help monitor all Internet usage like sites, mails, and chats.

share: What do scientist use to monitor volcano's?

a seismograph.

share: What is the use of monitor?

to see what is happing on the computer

share: Can a motherboard that supports up to 900MHz use a 1GHz CPU with it?

If there are newer processors in the same product range as the 900 MHz model, and they use the same socket and FSB (Front Side Bus) speed, then yes, you probably can.Without knowing your specific motherboard model, though, it would be impossible to determine if this is the case for you.

share: Can a 800va UPS load an 550va PSU plus monitor?

Yes, an 800va UPS might power a PC with that size power supply and a monitor. Of course, to be on the safe side, you should use a modern monitor and not a CRT monitor.

share: Can you hook up a laptop top case to a monitor?

Yes you can, just use a VGA cable and that will typically allow you to connect a laptop to a monitor. Once you connect the monitor, you need to go to your properties and allow the monitor extend the screen.

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