id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Just two weeks after launching its long-awaited second-gen AirPods, Apple debuted its new Powerbeats Pro, a truly wireless version of its existing Powerbeats 3 and a sportier alternative to the AirPods. At $250 they don't come cheap, so choosing the $160 AirPods may seem like a no brainer, but they each have their own appeal.

We tested them both out for about a week to figure out what we liked best (and what we didn't like) from each earphone to help you determine whether the AirPods or the Powerbeats Pro is right for you. Before diving in, be sure to check out how the new AirPods compare to the first generation. 

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AirPods vs. Powerbeats Pro

AirPods Powerbeats Pro

Connectivity H1 chip H1 chip

Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0

Battery (earbuds alone) 5 hours 9 hours

Charging case Yes Yes

Battery (including case) 24 hours 24 hours

Fast charge 15 minutes = 3 hrs 5 minutes = 1.5 hrs

Adjustable ear tips No Yes

Adjustable fit No Yes

Hey Siri support Yes Yes

Noise isolation No Yes

Controls Tap controls Physical buttons

Price $159 at Amazon $250 at Amazon

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Small and light, or sporty and durable?

At first glance, you wouldn't really know these two earphones are made by the same company. They have completely different designs. While the AirPods are light and small, and rest gently in the ear, the Powerbeats are definitely more clunky and invasive as they sit in further in your ear canal. They have interchangeable in-ear tips and a plastic hook that clips around the ear for a more secure fit than the AirPods.

We both agreed that while the AirPods are more comfortable, they don't always stay in place and depending on the shape of your ear, they may not fit at all. The Powerbeats are slightly heavier in the ear, but chances are you will find the right fit with one of the different ear-tips and they will stay put no matter how much you move.

The default eartips for the Powerbeats Pro felt too tight on our ears, but once we changed them out, we were able to wear them comfortably for hours at a time.

The Powerbeats come in white, navy, moss and black while the AirPods are only white. The black Powerbeats were great at hiding dirt and smudges. They also looked more discreet despite their size against our dark hair. The AirPods aren't as easy to disguise because of the white tube that sticks out of the bottom.

Angela Lang/CNET The Powerbeats are also sweat and water resistant (IPX4) so you won't have to worry about those sweaty workout sessions, rainy commutes or the occasional toddler slobber -- no joke, I found my two-year-old putting an AirPod in his mouth. Luckily both he and the AirPod survived the ordeal.  

Both the Powerbeats and AirPods come with a portable case that doubles as a charger and a place to store the buds. But the Powerbeats' 3x3inch case looks massive relative to the dental floss-sized AirPods version. It also feels about 10 times heavier than that of the AirPods and will be tough to hide in most pant pockets. 

Lexy: I love the color options and the Powerbeats feel definitely feel more secure, but I still favor the design of the AirPods because they are so light and comfortable that I almost forget I'm wearing them. Plus the case is a lot more convenient to carry around.

Vanessa: I'd rather them have a bit more substance and grip, because I'm always worried about accidentally flicking off an AirPod when I'm brushing away my hair or going about my day. I find myself being more careful about putting them away after each use. With the Powerbeats I can be a bit more careless and nail salon near me l nail salons near me l nail spa near me l nails spa near me they're great for working out. The case is definitely less convenient, but I wasn't as worried about losing them in my pocket if I carried them caseless for a day.

Winner: Tie. This one comes down to fit more than anything else. If you've tried the AirPods and they just don't sit right, you might have better luck with the Powerbeats.

Seamless compatibility with Apple devices, different controls

If you have an iPhone, or Apple device, both will pair automatically as soon as you open the case which is the main reason why you would choose one of these over their competitors. Android users can also pair the buds manually through the Bluetooth settings and then pressing the button on their respective cases.

They also have the same H1 chip under the hood which brings Bluetooth 5 support and hands-free Siri. Take one out your ear to pause the music automatically.

What sets them apart in terms of features is that the Powerbeats have physical buttons while the AirPods have gesture controls (double tap on the side of the buds). You can pause and play songs, skip tracks forward and back or summon Siri if you customize the controls in the Bluetooth settings. (Siri isn't available on Android.) The Powerbeats have a physical volume rocker. The only way to do this on the AirPods sans phone is with Siri. Unlike the AirPods, you can't customize what the button presses do with the Powerbeats.

Only the AirPods can be located with the Find My iPhone app. Again it's only for iOS, but it may come in handy if you want to see the last location of your buds. But in our experience it was rarely accurate in terms of the last location, and the few times it did accurately locate and ping the AirPods, we had to wait a while to hear a sound and it took multiple tries. 
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